Flat Panel Layout Editor Commands

Icon Switcher Tool

This is a command to toggle between the SKILLCAD icon bar and the Cadence icon bar in Cadence IC5.

rRouter (Path) Tools

These tools are for creating path connections from driver pins to flat panel pins.

rRouter (Polygon) Tools

These tools are for creating interactive routes that are polygonal, not paths.

rChecker Tools

These tools can measure and report the resistances of multiple metal routes at the same time.

iShape Tools

This application is for creating special shapes, used in flat panel layout design.

Align Tools

This is a set of tools to align objects to each other.

iDRC Tool

This application creates a quick Design Rule Check (DRC), for a selected layer, on the fly and runs the check.

Mask Label Tools

This application creates labels to identify mask layers.

Merge Pins Tool

This application draws a rectangular box over adjacent pins, connecting the pins together.

Draw Line Tool

This draws a line on the current entry layer.

Rule Extend Tool

This application is used to fill in gaps between adjacent shapes without connecting the shapes.

Round Corner Tools

This application is for rounding or chamfering all the corners in a metal routing bus.


This is a collection of small utilities, useful in layout design.