SKILLCAD is dedicated to user-guided auto routing and productivity enhancement  tools for
custom IC layout design, providing correct and optimized by construction layout solutions to help
customers achieve shorter time-to-market and higher silicon yield.

SKILLCAD Inc. is a member of Cadence Design System
Connections Program for third
party developers. Presently,  SKILLCAD  tools  run as an advanced add-on module in the
Virtuoso platform of
Cadence Design System, supporting IC6, IC12,IC18 and IC5.

StepRouter is a patent-pending product of SKILLCAD Inc. It is a coordinate-to-coordinate
grid-less auto-router directly runs on as-is layout window. StepRouter creates an optimized
auto-connection along the user-input routing-coordinates in compliance with the routing rules
and constrains. Other featured tools in the
SKILLCAD product line are:  FreeJumper, UniVia,
BusJoint, SlotPath, QuickLabel, GetNet  and UniFill.

SKILLCAD also offers consulting or contract services for IC design houses.