Initial Set Up for SkillCAD Evaluation
Server and License Manager

SKILLCAD uses the FlexLM license manager. In the license file (supplied by SKILLCAD) you will need to enter the Server information. We will require host ID for license server.

We suggest one SkillCAD license for everyone associated with evaluation using IC (LAS)

For the r-Solver we recommend one floating license for every 2-3 copies of IC (LAS) installed.

SKILLCAD Software Installation
Instructions for installing the SKILLCAD software can be found at

While we do read many of the process rules from the Cadence technology file, SKILLCAD requires additional rules to support certain commands. There is a GUI to help with the setup along with tutorials and training videos that can be accessed through the SKILLCAD Index Guide under SkillCAD set up, link below.

To view the training videos, a password is required. The password is Skillcad1.

First time set up: For evaluations SKILLCAD recommends we help walk you through the set-up process for your Technology Rule File. This insures it was done correctly for the evaluation and will provide the training so your CAD group can manage and support other process nodes. Please allow 30-45 minutes to set up.

  1. Technology File Set Up. SKILLCAD will pull information directly from the Cadence Technology file about metal layers, vias, widths, and spacings. But there may be certain conditional widths and spacings, direction that will need to be entered. For instance, as metal widths increase, minimum spacings may also need to increase. There may also be special spacings around the end of a piece of metal to allow for OPC (Optical Pattern Correction).
  2. There may also be DFM (Design For Manufacturability) rules which will help increase manufacturing yields. These can be entered in additional Rule Categories, which can be used instead of minimum rules. SKILLCAD allows the ability to set up multiple rule files based on design requirements.
  3. Process Electrical Rules Manual. This information, or manual, is often not with the Process Design Manual. It may be a separate manual or part of another document. This information will be used to enter dielectric constants, metal sheet resistances, via and contact resistances, and metal current densities. A few of the SKILLCAD commands (Path Jumper, Bus Jumper, Path Router, Bus Router, Simple Net R, and rSolver), use this information to calculate capacitances, or resistance on metal routing.
  4. Common, organization specific, design rules. Often organizations have commonly used rules for metal widths and spaces, metal overlaps, etc. which are different from the minimum design rules and/or DFM rules. These can also be entered in additional Rule Categories, which can be used instead of minimum rules, or DFM rules.
General Recommendations for SKILLCAD Evaluations
  1. The company should identify a person to serve as the “Evaluation Lead”. This person will help collect questions from the evaluation team and be our primary interface.
  2. IC (LAS) has over 100+ commands and we feel it is best to start with commands that are provide your team the biggest productivity gains or provide key functionality based on your design type and methodology.
  3. Based on the demo and our Tier 1 list of commands, SkillCAD will work with your evaluation team to help identify a list of commands (20-30) for the evaluation and then insure these commands are working correctly in your design environment.
  4. We recommend that each person who is evaluating the IC (LAS) have a license so they can be insured a license key is available for them
  5. During the evaluation period we can provide additional training and answer question weekly via a conference call.