SKILLCAD Services:

Besides providing Layout Automation Tools, SKILLCAD also offers
the following CAE services charged  hourly or by project:

1)  Advanced PDK development
Physical Verification Decks development and Maintenance.

  •     Assura DRC/LVS/RCX
  •     Calibre DRC/LVS/RCX
  •     Hercules DRC/LVS/RCX
  •     Diva DRC/LVS/RCX

Advanced SKILL PCell development.

Device (technology) Library (CDF) Setup.

2)  Design Flow Automation.
Setup and optimize your design environment.
Automate your company specific design flow.

3)  Database (Library)  Migration from one technology to another technology

4)  CDBA TO OA Database and SKILL programs conversion.

5)  Creating Schematic from Layout (for digital libraries)


Contact us if you need solutions for your specific requirements.   
SKILLCAD Inc. has extensive
experience in custom IC design.
Our expertise ensures the  best
solutions  to  your specific
requirements, avoiding risks and
reducing your overall cost.